I am interested in solving problems in real-world applications with simple ML architectures.

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Invited Talk

  • You have been there!: Identifying a store from a receipt image, DEVIEW. 2021.
  • Michinoku Communication Science Seminar, Tohoku University. May 2019.

Selected Honors & Awards

  • Young Researcher Award of the Twenty-fifth Annual Meeting of the Association for Natural Language Processing.
  • Seiwa International Students Scholarship. 2019.
  • Korea-Japan Joint Government Scholarship. 2013–2018.
    • Admission and tuition fees, and living costs covered for a year of preliminary education and four years of Bachelor’s studies


  • Research scientist at NAVER Corp. (Apr. 2020-)
    • Working on document processing and machine learning towards real-world applications.
  • Mathematical Statistics Team, RIKEN Center for Advanced Intelligence Project (Sep. 2017-Feb. 2020)
  • Shimodaira Lab. (Statistics and Machine Learning), Kyoto University (Apr. 2017-Mar. 2020)
  • CLOVA OCR Team, NAVER Corp. (Aug. 2018-Oct. 2018 and Aug. 2019-Sep. 2019)